Darksilver Music BMI Darksilver Music, a BMI affiliate since 1986, is the primary in-house publishing wing of Darksilver Records and Darksilver Filmworks. All Licensing for Darksilver Music BMI is administered exclusively through TuneCoreDigital Music BMI – Burbank, California. Music from Michael Lee Thomas, ‘Thrill Element’, ‘Gravity Quiet’ and ‘Tom Slayton Effect’ has been licensed and utilized for Motion Picture, Television & Cable, Visual Arts, Sports, Documentary, Video Games, Industrial & Commercial Media, Theater, Ballet, Modern Dance, Re-Mix and Specialized use. Commercial Background use has been in Television and Radio advertisements, Sports, News, Specials and Industrial Product and Corporate Promotion. His musical Projects feature an adventurous and tasteful use of delicate Soundcolors. Smooth Jazz or Fusion awash in New Age textures or Soundscape / Ambient adventures. Some cuts are soft with an acoustic edge while others are deep and full with exceptional instrumentation. Calling his primiary style “Thermal Romantic”, the music is designed to compliment passionate and powerful visual arts. Michael’s vast composition experience and large released and un-released available catalog provide a wide ranging selection for the prospective client / buyer to choose from. Information for licensing of the Michael Lee Thomas Digital catalog is available through this site for use in any specified media. All copyright / publishing rights are reserved, assigned, cleared through and administered exclusively for Darksilver Music BMI through TuneCore Digital Music BMI. There are over 1000 Digital cuts listed in the 1991 – 2016 Michael Lee Thomas active catalog with any and all of these songs available for licensing. Songs from the *1989-1992 Darksilver Records / Bainbridge Entertainment release catalog are also available for licensing. Selected, full length cuts (MP3: 192k Format) are available for preview/full play on the www.soundclick.com – Michael Lee Thomas, ‘Thrill Element’, ‘Gravity Quiet’ and ‘Tom Slayton Effect’ web sites. Custom production and/or specific song re-recording and/or re-mixing, can be requested and designed for client use. All custom/re-mix costs are separate and additional to initial license fees. Contact: TuneCore Digital Music 4111 W. Alameda Avenue Burbank, California 91505 darksilvermusic@darksilver.com (c) 2018 Darksilver Records