“"For a long time now, Ambient / New Age genres have been flooded with artists whose music is mostly filled with over-utilized loops and often repeated Keyboard factory pads. It is unique to find a Musical project by an artist who composes instrumental songs with depth and originality in mind. Michael Lee Thomas' Gravity Quiet project is that and so much more!” Paul Spencer – Jazz Thoughts. ‘Gravity Quiet’ is an inspired conceptual project that was created and designed specifically to not drown the listener in meditative pabulum. Much too often, the “Ambient” or “New Age” monikers feature tracks that slowly lull the listener to unrecognized boredom with sonic wall paper. The musical selections of ‘Gravity Quiet’ are evolving, adventurous and ever expanding. Although released in the Ambient/New Age arena, ‘Gravity Quiet’ is not intended to be exclusive to those genres. The musical selections are thick with Expressive, Evolving and Unique Keyboard flavoring. A Soundtrack only limited by the listener’s imagination. Instead of following the well traveled computer software road, the project is recorded with actual Keyboard and Sound Module hardware. Instead of arrangements that assail the listener with slow pulsing waves of yawn, the music creates and supplies the audio viewer with Hauntingly Complex, Soundscape Ambience. Imaginative works based not on the minimal standard, but on the concept of deep and intense instrumentals with rich textures and mind tempting Sonic imagery. A menu of strong presence, but with simple ethereal grace when required. When Soft, it is never weak. When Strong, it is never overpowering. A magical blend of Ambient, New Age and Soundscape. Not limited to any tonal state of mind, Music from Tomorrow. ‘Gravity Quiet’ is the Second major side project of Jazz/New Age artist Michael Lee Thomas. Michael also is the artist behind ‘Thrill Element and ‘Tom Slayton Effect’, his other major side projects, well known in the New Age/Ambient and Electro-Organic genres respectively. The Project will not only reflect the Soundscape composing talents of Michael, but will feature an adventurous path all it’s own. Calling the style, “Thought Breathing Music”, the Project will not follow the traditional direction set by most Ambient/Soundscape projects, but will be adventurous and conceptual in nature with a storyline tied to each composition. The project features Five albums. The first Album ‘Climbing Through A Fall’, was released in September 2006, the Second, ‘Under The Tree Of Secrets’, was released July 2007, the Third, ‘While Shadows Dream’, released in October 2008, the Fourth album, 'Storms In Low Orbit’, made its debut March 2009, and Five years later, the Fifth and Final* Album, ‘Missing Dreams’, was released in November 2014. Enjoy the music of ‘Gravity Quiet’, “A New Taste Of Soundscape Ambience” on Darksilver Records. Albums and Songs are available at www.soundclick.com/gravityquiet *While All of the Albums and Songs will remain available for purchase, the ‘Gravity Quiet’ Project was retired in November 2014. (c) 2018 Darksilver Records