"Dreams Never Run on Time, But Always on Schedule!" MLT 1989 The debut Album release from Michael Lee Thomas was ‘Fresh Out Of Nowhere’ (1989), picked by Billboard magazine as one of the best Instrumental New Age albums of 1989; followed by ‘Voyager: Grand Tour Suite’ (1990), the Official Musical Soundtrack of NASA / JPL’s Voyager 1 & 2 Grand Tour mission that was also chosen in 1991 as Monster Cable’s New Age reference Album; and ‘Sleeper: Soundtrack To A Dream’ (1990), a researched and developed futuristic lullaby for the mind. A Fourth LP, ‘After Just Before’, completed and scheduled for release in 1992, was initially shelved by Michael Lee and :DSR, but was later re-issued in 2014. The First Three Albums introduced Michael Lee to the music world with fabulous critical and public reaction and were subsequently reviewed favorably in Billboard, R&R, CD Review, Electronic Musician, Home Recording, as well as many others foreign and domestic. He also was featured in Air & Space Smithsonian for his work on Voyager, as the first artist to manipulate audible space “noise” recordings, provided to him by NASA / JPL. Through digital sampling and re-shaping, he created unique one-of-a-kind keyboard voices featured on the recording. Even though he has written over 800 Lyrical Rock & Acoustic compositions, his writing style has evolved into Composing, Developing and Recording Unique, Adventurous Instrumental Music. As a Drummer turned self-taught Keyboardist, his compositions are inter-woven with strong Percussive influences. He has recorded over 1000 Instrumental Digital Masters and over 500 Instrumental Analog Masters, resulting in 50 Project Albums and 11 "Best of" LP's to date. Although unforseen circumstances and distribution contract problems put a length of time between his initial album releases and the next product debut, Michael Lee’s continued enthusiasm and confidence stayed strong. In 1992, shortly after the collapse of an ill-fated Texas based Hard Rock project, Michael Lee broke free of his distribution deal with Bainbridge Entertainment, rid himself of artistic “dead weight” and moved his studio operations from Los Angeles to Texas. He then began an Extensive development of his Keyboard skills, expanding his music towards a Jazz / New Age style. In 1999, Michael Lee and Darksilver Records / :DSR (his own private label he founded in 1981) released ‘J’ & 'Project 7: Area 51′, the first Michael Lee Thomas Album projects in Seven years. During the time out of the spotlight, Michael spent those Seven years recording over 500 new digital cuts in his private studio, Positive Energy One. While also working on Soundtrack production, Michael re-fined his chops and re-entered the major musical arena with fresh energy and focus. The new recordings featured a musical style developed over that time which he refers to as “Thermal Romantic.” This musical flavor features elements of Jazz, New Age, Fusion & Rock. The Seven and a-half year production period was quite fruitful with music released on Five Michael Lee Thomas Albums and Four 'Thrill Elementt' Albums between May 1999 and June 2003. Released in May 1999, the first Album since 1990, ‘Project 7: Area 51’, is a special concept Album. The initial tracks were composed and recorded in September & October 1994. The Tracks were re-recorded and mixed in March 1997. The Album features a New Age / Jazz Fusion feel. The concept project is a collaborative effort uniting the talents of Michael Lee and Quathron-Zitheen, a visiting Antarian musician from Tau Ceti 4. The artwork and liner notes contain unique, revealing photographs and text concerning the formerly Top Secret Air Force facility located at Groom Lake, Nevada, Quathron’s Earth home. The off-planet instruments and musical influences in mixture with Michael Lee’s fluid jazz textures, provides an adventurous & relaxing one-of-a-kind musical experience. Also released in May 1999, ‘J’, with Twelve cuts, features a potent Smooth Jazz / Jazz Fusion mix. This project is the definitive introduction of the “Thermal Romantic” style which Michael Lee spent over seven years developing. Tasteful emphasis is placed on a strong rhythm section complimented by New Age textures and Soundscapes. The next album releases were ‘Outlaws in Babylon’ (2000); ‘Predicting History’ (2001) and ‘Project 7: Tau Ceti 4’ (2001), part II of the three part Project 7 saga. These Albums fully capture the depth and groove of the “Thermal Romantic” style. The Tenth LP, 'From Here To There' was released in 2002. In Fall 2002, Michael Lee Thomas and :DSR embarked on a highly adventurous multi-disc release. A Four CD theme set, released over a 14 Month timeline. This Special Edition Album series featured new and un-released “Thermal Romantic” material recorded between 1997 – 2003. Beginning in July 2002, 'Witches & Old Maids-East’, made its debut, followed by ‘Witches & Old Maids-West' (September 2002); ‘Witches & Old Maids-North’ (July 2003) and ‘Witches & Old Maids-South’ (September 2003). In all, the Four Volume CD Album series features 50 “Thermal Romantic” Jazz cuts. In December 2003, the Fifteenth album, 'Touching Illusions', was released followed by ‘Valley of Time’(2004); ‘Passing Through’ (2005); ‘Symptoms Of Reason’ (2006); ‘Evidence Of Memories’ (2007); 'Project 7: Infinite Tomorrow’ (2008); ‘Home Away From Time’ (2009); and the Twenty-Second Album, 'Resting Vertical’ , released in December 2010. In 2013, Darksilver Records and Michael Lee Thomas began the release of a “Best of” Four Volume, Four Album set entitled ‘Thermal Romantic Blend’ – Volumes 1,2, 3 & 4. Each Album contains Select "Thermal Romantic" cuts previously released between 1989 – 2014. 'Thermal Romantic Blend' - Volume 1, with 16 songs was released in July 2013, with Volume 2, with 16 songs in October 2013, Volume 3 with 14 cuts was released in July 2014 and ‘Thermal Romantic Blend’ – Volume 4, with 14 cuts was released in October 2014. The Twenty-Third Album, ‘Casting Spells’, was released in November 2013, followed by ‘Sometime Next Future’ (February 2014); ‘Far Away Near’( November 2014); and ‘Shades of Almost’ ( February 2015). In June 2017, 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 5 & Volume 6, with Re-Mastered cuts were released and in August 2017, 'Project 7: Chronicles', a "Best of" compilation featuring 14 Re-Mastered cuts from the Project 7 Trilogy (1999-2008) and 'Witches & Old Maids - Select Cuts', featuring 14 Re-Mastered cuts from the Witches & Old Maids series (2002 - 2003) were released. The Twenty-Seventh Album, 'Just Past The Fall ', was released in November 2017, and the Twenty-Eighth, ‘Afterland’, is slated to be released in Spring 2018. The Twenty-Ninth, 'Mystery of When', is slated for Fall 2018. In Summer 2000, Michael Lee Thomas and :DSR launched ‘Thrill Element’, his First major side project featuring a an ethereal, New Age / Soundscape style. The project has released Fourteen Albums to date and has been received with excellent critical and public response. The debut album, 'Navadeen Protocol', was released in 2000, with the Fifteenth LP, 'Deep Into The Next', to debut in late Fall 2017. Additional Album and Project details are available on the 'Thrill Element' - :DSR page. In September 2006, Michael Lee Thomas and :DSR introduced ‘Gravity Quiet’, The Second major side project focused and marketed solely in the Soundscape / Ambient Jazz arena. Each Album features a Science Fiction Storyline with each cut accompanied by a short chapter of the story. And In August 2007,‘Tom Slayton Effect’ , the Third major side project featuring a unique Electro-Acoustic Ambient Jazz Instrumental style was launched. This project showcases Soundscape Keyboard textures with a menu of Acoustic & Electric Guitars. Both Projects were concluded and retired in 2014, after Five albums each. Additional Album and Project details are available on the 'Gravity Quiet' and 'Tom Slayton Effect'- :DSR pages. 'Norm Alperson' In Summer 2017, 'Norm Alperson' the latest side project of Michael Lee Thomas was launched. Both as a vehicle for unreleased material from his massive song catalog and upcoming New compositions, the project features Smooth, but Adventurous, New Age-Jazz, Instrumental music. A Multi-Genre approach that has a menu of Smooth/Fusion Jazz and expansive Soundtrack textures. Awash in Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Keyboard layering, 'Norm Alperson' songs also showcase appetizing Rhythmic foundations of Drums. Bass and Guitar. Originating from Texas with roots in Southern California, 'Norm Alperson' is conceived from a strong, experienced creative force. In June 2017, the Debut Album, 'Choices' was released and in July 2017, 'Lost Before The Storm', the Second Album followed with each containing Fourteen Deep imaginative compositions. More Project Albums are planned for 2018 and beyond. in 2018, ‘VU LUX Parallel’, also a New Michael Lee Thomas Music Project that will feature Expressive Ambient Instrumental JazzScape compositions will be launched with the First Album, ‘Helium Blue’, scheduled for Fall 2018. Additional Album and Project details are available on the 'VU Lux Parallel' - :DSR page. Since Michael’s musical career originally began on the drums at age Six, he has always kept that part of his musical heritage alive. Although circumstances re-directed his focus from Drums to Keyboards, Michael has always featured a Percussive influence in almost all of his recorded efforts. While pursuing the serious Keyboard production aspect of his career, he has always made himself available for In-Studio Drums & Percussion work as well. His primary Kit is a very rare, completely restored, Ludwig – Clear Vistalite Octa-Plus (Circa 1974) drum set, affectionately called “The Clear Chrome Forest”. The massive acrylic outfit is his choice weapon for any select recording activities. Another of his Ludwig-Clear Vistalite kits, the “Vintage Studio Custom”, expertly restored in 2004, by Kenny Verducci, is also available for In-studio work as well. As Michael Lee has always said “I am at my best as a drummer!” As you see, the dream is always on the horizon. With 50 plus Albums and 18 "Best of" LP's released from His Musical Projects and over 1500 and growing, Original Instrumental Master recordings, the years ahead promise to bring more of the same World Class “Thermal Romantic” Jazz. Weathering change and misfortune, he stands with the same patience and dedication he has had from the start. "Thanks to the fans and loyal followers, the Road to Sucess is Always Under Construction... The Best Music site resource to preview and/or purchase each and every Michael Lee Thomas and 'Thrill Element' Album is www.soundclick.com/michaelleethomas & www.soundclick.com/thrillelement , with each site featuring dozens of downloadable MP3/192K Albums and songs. Michael Lee Thomas, Thrill Element and Norm Alperson Music and Albums are available Worldwide at these and other Internet Music sites: iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundclick, Soundcloud, CD Baby, The Orchard, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody eMusic, Simfy, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet, Vervelife, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Slacker, Bloom, Guvera, Amazon on Demand, Radio Airplay and others... 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