Norm Alperson 'Norm Alperson' features an Eclectic, Multi-Genre menu of Adventurous New Age & Soundscape Jazz Instrumental compositions. With some arrangements focusing on a Smooth Jazz / Fusion style, others spotlight an emotional or imaginative Soundtrack feel. All of the cuts are created with the intention of a laid-back, thought provoking experience. An easy listening, but enthralling listen. 'Norm Alperson' is the latest side project of Jazz Artist, Michael Lee Thomas. Both as a vehicle for unreleased material from his massive song catalog and upcoming New compositions. A Multi-Genre approach that has influences of Smooth & Fusion Jazz and expansive Soundtrack textures. Awash in Piano, Sax, Strings, Woodwinds and Keyboard layering, 'Norm Alperson' songs also showcase Strong appetizing foundations of Drums. Bass and Guitar. Originating from Texas with roots in Southern California, 'Norm Alperson' is conceived from a strong, experienced creative force. In June 2017, the Debut Album, 'Choices' was released and in August 2017, 'Lost Before The Storm', the Second Album followed with each containing Fourteen Deep imaginative compositions. The Third Album, 'One Dark Forever ', was released in January 2018, and the Fourth, 'Dreams Through Heat', will debut in Fall 2018, with both LP's also featuring 14 cuts. As a Serious side-project, more Project LP's are planned for 2019 and beyond. (c) 2018 Darksilver Records