RealDream Productions RealDream Productions is the exclusive in-house production services company for Darksilver Records, Darksilver Filmworks and Darksilver Entertainment Group. All Michael Lee Thomas, ‘Thrill Element’, ‘Gravity Quiet’,’Tom Slayton Effect’ and future ‘VU LUX Parallel’ recording projects and Soundtrack / Background licensing placements of the Michael Lee Thomas Digital catalog are coordinated through RealDream Productions and Pirates of Mercury Soundworks. Information on production services available through RealDream Productions, Pirates of Mercury SoundWorks and Moon Gravity Ranch can be acquired through this site. Information about Producer, Engineer, Session Recording or Artist services by Michael Lee Thomas can be acquired through this site as well. Michael Lee has over Forty years of professional recording experience. Licensing for access to his unique Sound / Sample library archives or Custom audio development through StarQuake Audio Design can be arranged by request. A list of Artists & Projects he has worked with and/or a list of some of the available custom sounds available from the Michael Lee Thomas Audio Archives can also be provided upon request. Examples of Michael Lee Thomas, ‘Thrill Element’, ‘Gravity Quiet’ and ‘Tom Slayton Effect’ Composition, Arrangement, Production, Engineering and Performance are available at the web site for each project respectively. These sites feature original and fully produced compositions (192K mp3 Format) in the Jazz ,New Age, Ambient and Soundscape genres. Contact: (c) 2018 Darksilver Records