“Southern California’s Thrill Element provides the soundtrack for a spiritual awakening. Cascading arpeggios and subtle orchestration invite the listener to envision a better world while accepting the one we have with all its foibles. These compositions are as thrilling as a swim in a tropical waterfall.” Editors Review – CNET In Summer 2000, Darksilver Records (:DSR) launched ‘Thrill Element’, a side project of Jazz artist Michael Lee Thomas. The Project was conceived in 1999, to feature material composed with a more New Age/Ambient Soundscape style. Emphasis is placed not only on Adventurous and Melodic Instrumental production, but in presentation of Musical works that allow the listener to explore a deep Stereo Field palette of delicious Sound Colors. Lush Keyboard and Synth layering enhance the Transparent and Expansive audio experience. The cuts are produced in the same studio as Michael’s other projects. ‘Thrill Element’ features deep Eclectic and Ethereal Soundscapes. With a tasteful rhythmic feel, the songs are awash in complex New Age textures. The compositions expand and evolve through expressive and sometimes fragile Percussives often paired with strong low-end Bass foundations that compliment the overall presence of a Smooth, Spatial environment. Some pieces are Atmospheric while others lean toward a light Jazz Fusion. With Fourteen Albums of “Electro-Ambient SoundDreams” already released and many more to come, the Project showcases a different side of Michael Lee Thomas, reflective of his early New Age recordings. Although a side project, Michael Lee is pursuing ‘Thrill Element’ with full force and vigor. In 2000, the project debut Album, 'Navadeen Protocol’, was released with immediate public and critical acclaim. In 2001, ‘Surreal Dream’, the second, was released followed by, 'Chasing Light’ (2002); ‘Time Climate’ (2003); The fifth Album ‘Last Silent Glide’, was released in December 2004, followed by ‘Absolute Calm’ (2005); ‘Living Shadows’ (2006); ‘Thoughts Through Water’ (2007); ‘Contrast In Darkness’ (2008); ‘Fountain Of Skies’ (2009); and ‘Echo Breathing’, the Eleventh Album released in December 2010. In Summer 2013, :DSR began the release of a Four Volume “Best of” Album set featuring Select previously released Prime cuts. 'Time of SoundDreams’ – Book 1, was released in July 2013,’ Time of SoundDreams’- Book II, was released in October 2013, ‘Time of SoundDreams’ – Book III, was released in July 2014, and ‘Time of SoundDreams’ – Book IV, was released in October 2014, each Album with 14 select cuts. The Twelfth Album, ‘Escape of Angels’, featuring 14 “Electro-Ambient” cuts was released in November 2013, the Thirteenth Album ‘Oceans On Mars’, also with 14 songs was released in February 2014, and the Fourteenth album, ‘The Still Remains’, released in November 2014, with 14 cuts as well. In June 2017, 'Time of SoundDreams' Book V & Book VI were released and in August 2017, 'Ending Blue', a Special Edition "Best of" compilation featuring 14 Re-Mastered compositions was released. The Fifteenth Album, ‘Deep Into The Next’, is slated for release in Spring 2018, and the Sixteenth, 'Illusion Eyes', in Fall 2018. Michael Lee Thomas, Thrill Element and Norm Alperson Music and Albums are available Worldwide at these and other Internet Music sites: iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundclick, Soundcloud, CD Baby, The Orchard, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody eMusic, Simfy, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet, Vervelife, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Slacker, Bloom, Guvera, Amazon on Demand, Radio Airplay and others... Gravity Quiet & Tom Slayton Effect Music and Albums are available on Soundclick.com (c) 2018 Darksilver Records