VU LUX Parallel’ will feature Smooth, but Adventurous & Compelling Ambient Jazzscapes. Transcending Keyboards & Guitar Overlays through a Tight, Adventurous Rhythm Section composed of Drums & Percussives locked in with a Rock Solid Bass Foundation. The Compositions will be interwoven with Experimental & Expressive Jazz Fusion and Soundscape passages. With counter-melodic changes and lush passages, each of the musical arrangements will evolve and Expand into Unique Lucid Instrumental Passages that allow the listener to Experience, Imagine, Groove and Dream. The Dynamic presence is reflected in the delicate subtle movements highlighting ethereal Keyboard layering and the opposite spectrum of Complex and Intensive Rock  Influenced progressions. Forging an Enhanced Presence and Feel, ‘VU LUX Parallel’ delivers a Diverse menu of Hard Jazz Fusion seasoned with Ambient Textures.


The Project will be was launched by Jazz Artist Michael Lee Thomas, who’s previous Musical projects have released over 50 Albums in the Jazz & New Age genres. He brings to the Table not only his Vast experience of Composition and Recording, but his Mastery of the Drum Kit and Keyboards. Along with the ‘VU LUX Parallel’ recordings,  Michael intends to gather a First Class group of Professional Artists to complete the on-stage presence of the project. Featuring Expressive Instrumental JazzScapes, the Debut Album, ‘Helium Blue’  will Premiere in Fall 2018, and will Focus on Eclectic, Adventurous Compositions and Arrangements. Plans call for ‘VU LUX Parallel’ to be an Evolving & Continuing Project for many Years to come!


VU LUX Parallel will soon bring to the World a Fresh New Instrumental Experience! With the Best of Thermal Romantic and the Next Step in a Progressive Dream…


























                                                                                           Coming Fall 2018







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